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AMTE is the largest professional organization devoted to the improvement of mathematics teacher education — it includes over 1,000 members supporting the preservice education and professional development of preK-16 teachers of mathematics. Members include professors, researchers, teacher-leaders, school mathematics coordinators, policy experts, graduate students, and others. »Learn More


Press Release: AMTE Statement on Equitable and Inclusive Mathematics Teaching and Learning

AMTE advocates for teachers’ freedom to use their expertise and professional judgement to meet the individual needs of all learners in their complex classrooms as they work to teach mathematics in equitable and anti-racist ways. We recognize that mathematics curriculum is multifaceted and needs to represent the diverse experiences, histories, and identities that make up our world. For too long, mathematics curriculum has been presented from one point of view and has ignored contributions from mathematicians of color and from diverse backgrounds, opportunities to use mathematics for liberation, and connections between mathematics and the lived experiences of historically marginalized and minoritized students. It is important that there is diversity in representation and opportunities for learners to engage, explore, connect with, and question the curriculum and to see how mathematics extends beyond their experiences. As an organization, we support mathematics teacher educators and teachers across the nation who are working to bring this authenticity into the classroom to enhance the learning of mathematics for all.

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Call for Proposals: AMTE Professional Book Series, Vol 6

Building Community to Center Equity and Justice in Mathematics Teacher Education

The purpose of this new book from the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) Professional Book Series is to provide mathematics teacher educators (MTEs) practical ideas of how to build community to center conversations and action on equity and justice in mathematics teacher education. The goal of building community focuses on generating critical conversation, reflection, and action about and for equity and justice in mathematics teacher education. This book will be written from and with a critical, practitioner stance and will provide a variety of research-based cases (scenarios, tasks, modules, activities, etc.) to support MTEs to build community in mathematics teacher education courses and professional development collaborations. 

Book editors: Courtney Koestler and Eva Thanheiser

Proposals (1-2 pages) are due September 15, 2022. See the full Call for Proposals for additional information.

AMTE Election 2022

The AMTE Nominations and Elections Committee is asking for nominees for Secretary and Board Member-at-Large for the 2022 elections. All AMTE members are welcome to nominate themselves or another member. Please submit names by June 15, 2022.

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Call for Applications for Vice-President for Professional Learning and Vice-President for Membership

The AMTE Board of Directors seeks applications for the next Vice-President for Professional Learning, and the next Vice-President for Membership. The deadline for nominations is July 27, 2022.

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Press Release: AMTE Statement on Systemic Racism

The Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) stands in solidarity with Black Americans in the face of racial injustice. We are dismayed by the inhuman and unjust treatment of Black Americans by law enforcement personnel in recent months with the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.  We acknowledge the inequities that the pandemic has illuminated related to health care, economic standing, and education. As an organization, AMTE believes that racism must be interrogated in this country. We cannot look at what is happening to Black Americans and other oppressed groups as problems that they alone need to solve.

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A list of resources specifically related to our work as mathematics teacher educators is available on the AMTE Member Bulletin Board. We invite others to submit additional resources to this site to be shared with our mathematics education community. 

Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics

Comprehensive, aspirational standards describing a national vision for the initial preparation of all teachers PreK-12 who teach mathematics.

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Press Release: Joint Statement on Anti-Asian Racism

In response to this week's events in Atlanta and the ongoing violence and threats of violence across our country, the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, in collaboration with its sister organizations National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics, Benjamin Banneker Association, NCSM: Leadership in Mathematics Education, School Science and Mathematics Association, and TODOS: Mathematics for ALL, has issued a joint statement on Anti-Asian Racism.

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The statement also includes a list of PK-12 Community Resources curated by a group of educators in California.


Timely, important updates for mathematics teacher educators.

In the Spring 2022 issue, AMTE’s President reminds us of the varied and important work of our mathematics teacher education community. Also included is a special call for Connections’ manuscripts focusing on integration in mathematics teacher education, plus a reflection on the development and implementation of a regionally relevant mathematical modeling task. Highlights from the recent AMTE conference are provided, along with information on the Launch Years Leadership Network. Be sure to check out the two opportunities to serve on the Board, including Secretary or Board Member-at-Large, along with insights from those who have served. You will also find updates from AMTE’s Board of Directors, journals, Technology Committee, STaR donors, Podcasts, and Affiliates. 

Susan Swars Auslander, Connections Editor 


Mathematics Teacher Educator Journal

Read the latest issue of Mathematics Teacher Educator, a scholarly journal co-published by AMTE and NCTM.

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MTE Podcast

The Mathematics Teacher Educator Podcast accompanies the Mathematics Teacher Educator Journal and is co-sponsored by the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education (CITE Journal)

CITE-M, a peer-reviewed journal sponsored jointly by AMTE and other organizations, features Just What Online Resources Are Elementary Mathematics Teachers Using?, by Emily J. Shapiro, Amanda G. Sawyer, Lara K. Dick & Tabitha Wismer.

Teaching Math Teaching Podcast

Conversations with math teacher educators stepping into the role of teaching math teachers