Membership Division

Board Liaison : 

The Membership Division consists of the Affiliates and Awards committees, as well as, an Associate Vice-President of Membership. The overall emphasis of the Membership Division is to support the AMTE membership! The two committees within the Division support the AMTE membership in different ways. The Affiliates Committee supports members in establishing and maintaining affiliate organizations to support mathematics teacher educators in their local area. The members of this committee each serve as a regional representative supporting the affiliates in their region. The Awards Committee supports members by recognizing outstanding members through the various AMTE awards (Judith Jacob Lecturer, Susan Gay Travel, Excellence in Teaching, Scholarship, & Service, EMS Scholarship, and more!). The Associate Vice-President of Membership supports the Division by focusing on benefits and resources to support all AMTE members.

2020 to 2022
Hartono Tjoe
Pennsylvania State University, Berks
2021 to 2022
Todd Abel
University of Central Arkansas
2020 to 2023
Temple Walkowiak
North Carolina State University