The Growing Role of Statistics and Data Science in Grades 6-12 Education: Implications for Mathematics Teacher Educators

Thursday, October 12 2023, 12:00 pm Pacific; 3:00 pm Eastern


The need for everyone to develop data literacy has never been greater, and increasingly more careers are using data, statistics, modeling, and advanced technological skills! Recent initiatives at the national and state levels have increased the prominence of data science and statistics (DS&S) in the K-12 curriculum, and some states have embedded data science concepts and skills into their curriculum standards. What does this mean for the preparation of mathematics teachers? How are mathematics teacher education programs changing to prepare preservice and inservice teachers to teach DS&S? This webinar is designed for participants to: 1) Understand the current international, national, and state initiatives that are driving change regarding DS&S education; 2) Learn about the results of a recent research study of early career mathematics teachers’ knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and practices about teaching data and statistics; 3) Consider and discuss how teachers are currently prepared to teach DS&S and the challenges faced in advancing DS&S in teacher education programs; and 4) Learn about curricular, technological, and community supports for DS&S education that are available to support mathematics teacher educators.

Stephanie Casey, Eastern Michigan University

Rick Hudson, University of Southern Indiana

Hollylynne Lee, North Carolina State University

Gemma Mojica, North Carolina State University