Criteria for Affiliate Membership Status

Approved by AMTE Board November 22, 2019

An Affiliate’s Affiliation Status can be either In Good Standing, Not in Good Standing, or Eligible to have Charter Withdrawn.

In Good Standing

An Affiliate is considered to be In Good Standing if it has—

  • paid its dues for the current affiliation year;
  • kept up-to-date the Affiliate Profile found on the AMTE website;
  • a president who is a current individual member of AMTE and remains a current member throughout the term of office.

Not in Good Standing

If any one of the three criteria listed above is not met at any given time, an Affiliate is considered to be Not in Good Standing and is not eligible for services until it regains the In Good Standing status.

  • Dues must be paid by April 1 or the status of an Affiliate changes to Not In Good Standing
  • Affiliates that have not updated officer records by the end of the month that the officers’ terms expire become Not In Good Standing the first day of the following month.
  • Officer information can be e-mailed, mailed, faxed, or submitted online at An AMTE ACC representative will e-mail Affiliates who are Not in Good Standing.

If the Affiliate is Not in Good Standing for six months, an Affiliate is considered to be Eligible to have Charter Withdrawn and is not eligible for services until the issue is resolved.

Eligible to have Charter Withdrawn

An Affiliate that has reached the status of Not in Good Standing for 6 months will be notified by the ACC. If the status has not changed in one full year’s time (including the first 6 months), the Affiliate will be notified that its charter will expire in 90 days. If the Affiliate does not become In Good Standing within that 90 days, the charter will be officially withdrawn. Once an Affiliate’s charter is withdrawn, the Affiliate must reapply for affiliation using the current criteria. If reinstated, the Affiliate will regain its original charter number.

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