2019 Election Update

November 1, 2019

Dear AMTE Member,

AMTE election season is upon us. As is our tradition, we will hold our election during the month of November. We aren't quite ready to start the election on November 1 as we typically have, but we will begin next week. Please watch your email for instructions. In the meantime, I'd like to fill you all in a little bit about this election, which will be unique in a few ways.

You'll notice a number of changes to our usual election slate. For two of our offices, you will see more than our traditional two candidates. For these offices, we received a record number of applications, and the Nominations and Elections Committee determined through its usual process that multiple candidates were highly qualified to recommend to the membership for consideration. This raised questions about our usual practice of only putting forward two candidates on the ballot. After consulting with our constitution and bylaws, the committee and the Board of Directors all feel that putting forward three candidates will allow our membership with more options to decide who they would like to represent their interests on the Board of Directors.

You will also notice a single candidate for President. AMTE had a number of nominations and recommendations to pursue for this position, the set of which represented individuals of extraordinary talent, accomplishment, and desire to serve. A number of factors led to the single candidate option you will see. First, two other candidates who had expressed a willingness to run withdrew their applications due to changes in their circumstances that would limit their ability to carry out the duties of the office. Upon learning this, the Committee and Board reached out personally to over twenty candidates that represented the diversity of our membership and field, who had served AMTE in various ways in the past, to solicit their interest to run. In the end, despite weeks of effort on the part of numerous individuals, a second candidate could not be secured and the Board decided to move forward with a single presidential candidate.

At the close of the nomination process, the Board has endorsed a slate of seven candidates for office whom we find to be committed and highly qualified to serve AMTE and to help chart the course for the organization's future. Because of these changes to our ballot, our election process will operate a bit differently. Rather than choosing one of two candidates, you will have the opportunity to rank the candidates for each office and no runoff election will be required. I want to publicly thank the Nominations and Elections Committee for their outstanding and thoughtful work on behalf of AMTE and our future.

AMTE is a strong organization and we have been blessed with a vast pool of volunteers for committees, Associate Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Board offices this year, on the whole more than in any year of AMTE's history. The office of President is unique in its term and scope, and asks a great deal of a member of our community. It is our hope that in our next election for President-Elect, we can present a range of candidates for our members to consider.

If you have questions or comments about anything related to the election process, I am at your service to listen. Over the next two weeks, I'll be representing AMTE at the School Science and Mathematics Association Meeting in Salt Lake City, and at the AMATYC Meeting in Milwaukee (my apologies that this conflicts with PME-NA, where many of you might have been able to find me otherwise). If you find yourselves there and would like to talk, please find me and we will make the time. I welcome emails and phone calls if we are not able to connect in person. AMTE is our members, and our members are AMTE. It is important to me that your diverse voices and opinions are heard as we move forward.

Michael Steele, AMTE President

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