Workshop! Mathematical Foundations for Democratic Processes

Mathematical Foundations for Democratic Processes
First in the new AMS Engaged Pedagogy Series of online workshops for faculty

When: April 23 - 25, 2023, 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. ET
Where: Zoom, link sent to participants ahead of the workshop
What: Online workshop for math educators


One of the themes that unites these areas is a concern for fairness. What does it mean for a voting method or representation system to be fair? How can we measure fairness? Are there systems and methods that are “more fair” than others? We will discuss these ideas from a variety of perspectives. One of the advantages to teaching “the mathematical foundations for democratic processes” is that the ideas can be approached through different levels of difficulty and for different student bodies.

 Over three four-hour sessions, organizers will engage participants in topics that include:

  • Voting and social choice theory

  • Apportionment and the Electoral College

  • Gerrymandering

  • Quantification of power

Participants in this online workshop will leave with tools and resources that can be implemented in a variety of formats, from general education courses to upper level mathematics seminars. Virtual sessions will be divided between interactive lectures and opportunities for collective problem-solving. We aim to create a collaborative, creative, and active learning environment. All levels of experience with teaching these topics are welcome!

Registration: $200 AMS member; $300 non AMS member. Use the link to learn more and register!