PTMT-ESP Preconference session at AMTE 2023

AMTE Community,

Are you looking for authentic videos of secondary students engaged in technology-enhanced algebraic tasks to help develop your preservice teachers’ (PSTs’) pedagogical skills such as noticing and the 5 practices? The Preparing to Teach Mathematics with Technology - Examining Student Practices (PTMT-ESP) team has created materials just for this purpose! We have a total of 8 modules that are ready to share.

To help get these materials in the hands of mathematics teacher educators, our team is hosting a pre-conference workshop prior to the 2023 AMTE Conference in New Orleans, LA. The pre-conference session will be Wednesday February 1st from 12:30-5:30pm. During the workshop participants will engage with sample tasks, examine samples of PSTs’ work on those tasks, and discuss how to integrate the materials into different course contexts (methods, content, technology-specific courses). 

WHAT ARE THESE MATERIALS?: A typical task includes screen captured video of a pair of secondary students working on a technology-enhanced task allowing PSTs to hear them speaking, see their facial expressions, see their actions with the technology, and see what they see while using the technology as a result of their actions. Accompanying the video is a set of questions to support PST thinking about the pedagogical practice that is the focus of the activity. In addition, all materials include instructor support such as sample PST responses, commentary on how to use the activity, and support PST thinking during its implementation. Technologies highlighted include Desmos, GeoGebra, and Polypad. Mathematical topics range from equivalent expressions to trigonometric functions. 

To find out more about the PTMT-ESP materials and project, visit

SUPPORT: To supplement the early travel, chosen participants will receive a supplement of $500 to attend the workshop.

APPLICATION DUE: Apply by completing the form here. Application is due by September 16th!

NOTIFICATION: We are accepting 20 participants. All applicants will be notified by October 9th. 

QUESTIONS: Contact Jennifer Lovett,