Cases in Mathematics Teacher Education: Tools for Developing Knowledge Needed For Teaching


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AMTE Monographs, Vol. 4


Margaret S. Smith, University of Pittsburgh, PA

Susan N. Friel, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, NC

AMTE Fourth Monograph Editorial Board

Thomasenia Lott Adams, University of Florida, FL

Fran Arbaugh, University of Missouri, MO

M. Lynn Breyfogle, Bucknell University, PA

Tracy Goodson-Espy, Appalachian State University, NC

Robin Rider, East Carolina University, NC

AMTE Monograph Series General Editor

Denisse R. Thompson, University of South Florida, FL


The goal of AMTE Monograph 4, Cases in Mathematics TeacherEducation: Tools for Developing Knowledge Needed for Teaching, is to providedetailed accounts of case use that will inform the mathematics teacher educationcommunity on the range of ways in which cases can be used to foster teacherlearning and the capacity to reflect on and learn from teaching. (from the Foreword)