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There are lots of exciting things happening at CITE-Math!

You can write for CITE-Math!

Did you know that CITE-Math publishes both empirical and practitioner articles? It's true! With a focus on technology and teacher education, there is a place in CITE-Math for most of us. The scope of technologies that have been the focus of articles in CITE-Math range from the use of specific technologies to support teacher and prospective teacher learning (e.g., animations, online contexts, video tagging tools) to supporting teacher learning about technologies to use in their own instruction (e.g., graphing/geometry/statistics applications, micro-worlds, frameworks for selecting/adapting technologies).

CITE-Math is a fully online and open access journal without a publication fee! That means no page or word limit and the flexibility to be creative with embedded media (e.g., interactive applets, hyperlinks, video, color graphics).

We’d love to talk to you about any ideas you have for either practitioner or empirical articles! Set up a zoom meeting with a CITE-Math Editor - Allison McCulloch ( or Chrystal Dean ( You can also learn more in the Teaching Math Teaching podcast where past Co-Editor of CITE-Math, Ann Wheeler, and AMTE VP of Publications, Babette Benken, discuss writing for CITE-Math. 

Introducing the 2023 Editorial Panel

The CITE-Math Editorial Panel is appointed by the AMTE Board of Directors. Panel members serve a 3-year term and changes occur at the conclusion of the AMTE Annual Meeting. The panel extends a welcome to Chrystal Dean, Appalachian State University, who began her service to CITE-Math as Co-editor at the conclusion of the AMTE 2023 Conference, as well as our new panel members: Shahab Abbaspour, University of Central Florida, and Xiangquan Yao, Penn State University. Thank you to all who have reviewed for CITE-Math— we greatly appreciate your service.

We would like to extend a special thank you to members of the Editorial Panel who rolled off this year, especially Ann Wheeler, Texas Woman’s University, who concluded her term as Co-editor and Tracy Goodson-Espy, Appalachian State University, and Mi Yeon Lee, Arizona State University, who finished their 3-year term on the panel.