Communication from the AMTE Board of Directors

The AMTE Board, including incoming members, held an all-day meeting prior to the Annual Conference. This meeting was an opportunity to reflect on the organization’s accomplishments over the last year and to strategically plan for 2023. The board continues to use the Long-Term Goals that were developed for 2020-24 to guide our work. At this year’s meeting, we reviewed the work that has been done within each division to work towards the long-term goals. The board considered connections among the work of the divisions, where more work may be needed to make programs sustainable, and whether there were any programs that were no longer serving our members.

The 2022 Annual Report that is posted on the AMTE website summarizes the work of the organization during the last year. We encourage all AMTE members to review this document. You may learn about a new initiative that you want to become involved with! Many divisions and committees also held meetings around the conference to welcome new members, thank those who are ending their terms on the committees, and discuss plans for the next year. Thanks to everyone who served on a committee or task force in 2022!

The AMTE Board transitions its membership at the conference. We would like to recognize outgoing elected board members Cynthia Taylor (Secretary) and Marrielle Myers (Member-at-Large). Also leaving the board are Vice Presidents Jennifer Suh (Professional Learning) and Lisa Poling (Membership). Megan Burton also ended her term as President, but she will continue to serve on the board as Past President for the next year. Thank you to all these people for their service! Enrique Galindo is beginning his 2-year term as President and we are also welcoming incoming elected board members Katie Rupe (Secretary) and Angela Barlow (Member-at-Large), along with new VPs Rick Hudson (Professional Learning) and Michelle Stephan (Membership). All of the board members are listed on the Leadership page of the AMTE Website. Please reach out to them at any time if you have questions or comments.

As an all-volunteer organization, the work of AMTE is largely carried out by its members. We invite everyone to consider how they might become involved—by reviewing proposals for the annual conference, serving on a committee, or running for an elected position. The volunteer form is always open, so please use it to communicate your interests related to serving AMTE. Note that committee assignments are made in the fall of each year, so you won’t hear back right away. Additionally, we often receive more volunteers than we need in a given year, so if you were not selected once, please volunteer again! We do track who volunteers and try to find a place for everyone within a couple of years.

It was wonderful to see so many of you at the 2023 Conference. Please feel free to reach out at any time with any questions and/or comments (

Respectfully submitted, 

Shari Stockero