AMTE Leadership Opportunity: Connections Editor

Dear Fellow AMTE Member, 

Susan Swars Auslander is completing her second 2-year term and will be stepping down in February 2024 as Connections Editor. Are you interested in being the Connections Editor (Associate Vice President) for 2024-2026?

The primary responsibilities are outlined below. We plan to name the new editor by June 2023, so that the new editor can shadow Susan through the fall and winter issues before taking the helm after the AMTE 2024 Annual Conference.

If you have any questions about the position, please contact Susan–she is happy to discuss the position via phone and/or answer questions via email ( The primary responsibilities of the position are below.

If you are interested in being appointed Editor of Connectionsplease send me (Babette Benken, an email with your contact information, a statement of interest in the position, and a brief summary of relevant previous experiences (1-2 pages).

Please submit your statement of interest and summary by Friday, April 21, 2023.

Best, Babette (AMTE, Vice President for Publications)

Responsibilities of AMTE Connections Newsletter Editor (also known as the Associate Vice President for the Connections Newsletter): 

  • Contribute time, effort, and knowledge to advance the objectives of the Board toward meeting AMTE goals 

  • Produce four issues of Connections each year

  • Regularly communicate with the Editorial Panel and formally meet with the Panel at least twice each year (once at the Annual Conference) 

  • Meet with the publications Vice President and other division Associate Vice Presidents at the annual AMTE conference and support publications-focused sessions 

  • Work with the President, Executive Director, Conference Personnel, Webmaster, Vice President, and the Editorial Panel to collect and prepare information for Connections 

  • Review NCTM affiliate news electronic postings regularly for possible additions to Connections 

  • Communicate with AMTE affiliate Presidents, sending articles for affiliate Newsletters 

  • Communicate and coordinate with the Vice President and Board Liaison for the Publications Division