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If your work is related to teacher education with a focus on technology, then CITE-Math might be a great fit for you! This fully online journal publishes both empirical and practice focused articles. CITE-Math provides teacher educators with a forum for sharing best practices about the use of technology in the teaching of mathematics at both preservice and inservice levels. Since the journal is online, we have the ability to include media embedded within an article. This includes, but is not limited to, interactive applets, hyperlinks, video, color graphics and photographs. To learn more, check out the Teaching Math Teaching podcast where Co-Editor of CITE-Math, Ann Wheeler, and AMTE VP of Publications, Babette Benken, discuss writing for CITE-Math. 

The most recent issue of CITE-Math features two articles from the AMTE community. The first article reports on a study of teacher learning in a micro credentialing program focused on teaching practices for elementary mathematics teachers. The second article is from the 2021 NTLI Fellowship awardees, who report on a study of preservice teachers’ learning to notice student thinking in technology mediated learning environments. Be sure to check them out!

Impacts of Microcredentials on Teachers’ Understanding of Instructional Practices in Elementary Mathematics by Jennifer Borland, Adam Moylan, Anthony Dove, Matthew Dunleavy, and Vinod Chachra

Using a Framework to Develop Preservice Teacher Noticing of Students’ Mathematical Thinking within Technology-Mediated Learning Environments by Nina Bailey, Demet Yalman Ozen, Jennifer Lovett, Allison McCulloch, Lara Dick, and Charity Cayton