Teaching Math Teaching Podcast: Season 1

The Teaching Math Teaching podcast is sponsored by AMTE. The podcast was created to address one of AMTE’s Strategic Priorities: identify and engage a broader constituency for AMTE. Mathematics teacher educators serve in a variety of roles, including as classroom teachers, mathematics coaches, district supervisors, professional development providers, faculty in 2-year colleges, clinical faculty, and tenure-track university faculty. The podcast is designed to recognize individuals in these diverse roles and support listeners who may be stepping into the roles. In a sense, hosts Eva Thanheiser, Dusty Jones, and Joel Amidon are recreating the rich hallway conversations that often occur between sessions during the AMTE conferences.

Episodes are available at https://www.teachingmathteachingpodcast.com and through all major podcast venues. The 2020 season contains 37 episodes, with themes including: equity in mathematics education; supporting teachers of color; online teaching strategies; and designing field experiences, content courses, and methods courses. Guests share their advice for succeeding in their roles, and this typically focuses on the importance of developing relationships.

Podcast episodes are usually 30 minutes long, which allows listeners to partake in some auditory professional development while exercising, commuting, or relaxing. Some mathematics teacher educators have incorporated certain episodes into their courses, so preservice teachers can hear advice from a practicing classroom teacher.

If you have not already done so, please listen in on one of the conversations. If you like what you hear, and we think that you will, be sure to subscribe to the podcast. We hope that you are able to implement something that you just heard, and take an opportunity to interact with other mathematics teacher educators.