Updates from Mathematics Teacher Educator (MTE)

New Issue September 2019! 

The new MTE Editors (Karen Hollebrands & Valerie Faulkner) are excited to provide a preview of the new issue of Mathematics Teacher Educator, which will be published online September 2019. The following articles will be featured:

Complex and Contradictory Conversations: Prospective Teachers Interrogating Dominant Narratives within Mathematics Education Discourse – Lynette Guzmán, University of California at Fresno 

The Three-Minute-Rehearsal Cycle of Enactment and Investigation: Preservice Secondary Mathematics Teachers Learning to Elicit and Use Evidence of Student Thinking – Fran Arbaugh, Penn State University; Duanne Graysay, Syracuse University; Nursen Konuk, Metropolitan State University of Denver; Ben Freeburn, Natomas Charter School 

Using a Measurement Meaning of Multiplication to Connect Topics in a Content Course for Future Teachers – Andrew Izsak, Tufts University; Torrey Kullow, Portland State University; Sybilla Beckmann, University of Georgia; Dean Stevenson, University of Georgia 

Engaging Pre-Service Secondary Mathematics Teachers in Authentic Mathematical Modeling: Deriving Ampere's Law – Kimberly Corum, Towson University; Joe Garofalo, University of Virginia 

Article Podcasts 

Listen to MTE article authors describe their work on our new podcasts. Four episodes are now available on both the AMTE and NCTM websites.

Invitation from Editors 

MTE Editors welcome questions from prospective authors regarding submission ideas. The editors will also be available during a session highlighting AMTE’s publications at the 2020 Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ.