Emerging Issues Committee

The Emerging Issues Committee is looking for AMTE members who have experience with groups that request information from you (e.g., course syllabi or program information) that may potentially be used for undisclosed political purposes. We are hoping to gain insight into these experiences with the goal of supporting members so that they make informed decisions regarding how to respond to requests from these groups. Please contact Zandra de Araujo (dearaujoz@missouri.edu) if you are willing to share your experiences as we develop resources to support AMTE members.

The AMTE Emerging Issues Committee explores and examines issues that emerge either from outside of AMTE or its leadership that impact mathematics teacher education. If there is an issue that is impacting your work as a mathematics teacher educator we want to know! Visit this page(https://amte.net/form/submit-emerging-issue) to submit your issue and the committee will look into resources and ideas for addressing it.