MTE Call for Manuscripts

How can the Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics be used to enhance the initial preparation of teachers of mathematics for Grades Pre-K-12?

Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics, developed by the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE), sets forth a vision for the initial preparation of teachers of mathematics. These standards address the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing mathematics teacher preparation. This document describes standards for teaching candidates and for teacher preparation programs and focuses on the professional knowledge, skills, and dispositions that candidates need to possess related to mathematics content, teaching, learners and learning, and the social context of mathematics education. Program standards describe what mathematics teacher preparation programs must do and include to promote teacher candidates’ learning.

The Editorial Panel of Mathematics Teacher Educator is looking for submissions to highlight effective ways that programs, courses, and faculty implement these standards. 

Manuscripts may address, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. What kinds of learning experiences have you designed using the Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics document, and what evidence demonstrates how these experiences have enhanced the knowledge, skills, or dispositions of preservice teachers?
  2. How have you modified your teacher preparation program, course(s) or other learning experiences, such as tasks, to implement the standards?
  3. Within your program, course(s) or other learning experiences, how do you help teacher candidates meet one or more of the candidate standards?  For example, how does your program help teacher candidates learn how to use pedagogical knowledge and practices (Standard C.2) to enhance teaching through collaboration with colleagues, families, and community members (Indicator C.2.5)?
  4. How do you prepare beginning teachers to teach from an equity perspective while including content knowledge and pedagogical skills?
  5. How do you build and develop effective partnerships to support the development of beginning teachers?
  6. How do you assess the effectiveness of your program, course(s), or other learning experiences?  How do these standards impact the accreditation process?
  7. How do you include/address the grade-band elaborations in the standards?

Mathematics Teacher Educator is a journal dedicated to building a professional knowledge base for mathematics teacher educators that stems from, develops, and strengthens practitioner knowledge. All manuscripts should contain a description of the relevant problem or issue that is addressed, the methods/interventions/tools that were used, the means by which these methods/interventions/tools and their results were studied and documented, and the application of the results to practice (both the authors’ practice and the larger community). Manuscripts for this call should provide clear evidence of how interventions incorporating the Standards for Preparing Teachers of Mathematics have supported mathematics teachers’ learning. More details about submitting to the journal are provided at

Please identify manuscripts for this call by listing “Teacher Prep Stds” as a keyword during the submission process.

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