President's Message

Update on the AMTE Mathematics Teacher Preparation Standards and AMTE's 20/25 Celebrations

Indeed 2015 has been the year of the AMTE Board’s engagement in a number of significant initiatives on behalf of our members. All of these initiatives were either directly or indirectly related to our strategic priorities to strengthen connections across the organization and to strengthen advocacy for high quality mathematics teacher education. In this final newsletter column of 2015, I focus on a major initiative of the Board which is in progress and will continue into 2016. This is the development of Mathematics Teacher Preparation Standards. Then, I close my column with an invitation to our members to participate in AMTE’s 20/25 celebrations.

AMTE Mathematics Teacher Preparation Standards

In the summer 2015 issue of the AMTE Connections newsletter, I provided an update on the development of the AMTE Mathematics Teacher Preparation Standards. Since that time much progress has occurred and I am extremely pleased to provide current information on the progress. As a reminder, the AMTE Board selected Nadine Bezuk, San Diego State University, to lead the standards writing project. The leadership team also includes Doug Clements, University of Denver, Jennifer Bay-Williams, University of Louisville, and Gary Martin, Auburn University. After their selection, the leadership team identified a group of PK-12 mathematics educators and mathematicians as the writing group. The writing group (listed below) convened on August 31st at the Brookhill Institute of Mathematics in Waukesha, Wisconsin for a two-day writing intensive meeting.

Once assembled, it was evident this group of mathematics educators and mathematicians was committed to AMTE’s mission and was passionate about the power and promise of published standards for mathematics teacher preparation. Also as stated previously, these standards will describe a national vision for the initial preparation of mathematics teachers PK-12 and will guide the improvement of individual teacher preparation programs (no matter their accrediting agency) and promote national dialogue and action related to mathematics teacher preparation. These standards are aspirational, advocating for practices that support candidates in becoming high quality teachers who guide student learning.

At the close of the initial meeting, three chapters were in progress. The writing group has continued to work following the initial meeting. They are participating in a cycle of writing, reviewing, and revising. Their dedication and time devoted to this project is indicative of the caliber of individuals engaged in this work. The writing team mathematics educators and mathematicians are listed below.

PK-2 Writing Team Members

The PK-2 group led by Doug Clements, University of Denver includes: Dorothy White, University of Georgia; Nicole Rigelman, Portland State University; and DeAnne Huinker, University of Wisconsin

Grade Band 3-5 Writing Team Members

The 3-5 group led by Nadine Bezuk, San Diego State University includes: Karen Karp, Johns Hopkins University: Tim Boerst, University of Michigan; and Julia Aguirre, University of Washington, Tacoma.

Grade Band 6-8 Writing Team Members

The 6-8 group led by Jennifer Bay-Williams, University of Louisville includes: Ed Dickey, University of South Carolina; Travis Olson, University of Nevada Las Vegas; and Elizabeth Hughes, University of Northern Iowa.

Grade Band 9-12 Writing Team Members

The 9-12 group led by W. Gary Martin, Auburn University includes: Rochelle Gutierrez, University of Illinois; Marilyn Strutchens, Auburn University; and Randy Philipp, San Diego State University.

Mathematician Writing Team Members

There are three mathematicians serving on the writing team. Kristin Umland, University of New Mexico is working with the writing groups for the PK-2 and 3-5 grade bands. Jim Lewis, University of Nebraska, is working with the 6-8 writing group, and Beth Burroughs, University of Montana, is working with the 9-12 grade-band team.  

The writing team will share a draft of the first three chapters of the MTP standards prior to the 2016 AMTE Annual Conference. At the conference, one presentation and two opportunities for face-to-face feedback will be available. At the presentation the leadership team and members of the writing group will share ongoing developments of the standards as well as provide conference attendees the opportunity to review current drafts of the document and provide feedback. Members who cannot attend this year’s conference will have an opportunity to provide feedback electronically.  Details regarding the feedback mechanism will be available in January.

AMTE’s 20/25 Celebrations

In January 2016, AMTE will host its 20th Annual Conference and will kick off a year-long celebration of 25 years of AMTE. A celebrations task force, led by Conference Director Susan Gay, has worked diligently preparing for the celebration of these milestones in the history of AMTE. The Board is looking forward to engaging our members in the 20/25 celebrations as we continue to stand together in promoting high quality mathematics teacher education.

I look forward to seeing you at the conference!

Christine Thomas, President