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Contemporary Issues in Technology and Mathematics Teacher Education

Call for Manuscripts

The CITE-Math Journal provides a forum for dialog about best practices regarding the use of technology in the preparation and ongoing development of pre- and in-service mathematics teachers. Papers may address any area of research involving technology and mathematics teacher education. Papers will be reviewed based on their relevance to technology and mathematics teacher education research, originality, clarity of expression, and literature support.

A wide range of formats and approaches are accepted, including qualitative research, quantitative research, and theoretical pieces. Articles are published online and in a PDF format suitable for print. The online format allows for timely publication and allows the inclusion of various media including applets, color graphics, photographs, and video. Manuscripts are submitted online through the journal website ( Inquiries about potential manuscript topics are welcomed.

The following are examples of works published in CITE-Math. Note that the second article includes embedded video, thus capitalizing on the online aspects of the journal. Prospective authors are encouraged to include interactive artifacts with manuscripts they submit.

Herbst, P., Chieu, V., & Rougee, A. (2014). Approximating the practice of mathematics teaching: What learning can web-based, multimedia storyboarding software enable? Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 14(4). Retrieved from

Lee, H. S., Kersaint, G., Harper, S., Driskell, S. O., & Leatham, K. R. (2012). Teachers' statistical problem solving with dynamic technology: Research results across multiple institutions. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 12(3). Retrieved from

Special Series

The CITE-Math Journal is now publishing a special series of articles that address the use of online methods of instruction in Mathematics Teacher Education. These articles appear beginning in volume 14 (specifically issue 14:4) and will continue through the issues in volume 15. If you have ever been interested in how teacher education can be accomplished through online technology, check out the articles in this series.

Call for Reviewers

As a peer-reviewed venue, CITE-Math depends on the work of its reviewers. In addition to providing invaluable assistance to the journal, the review process helps readers stay abreast of latest developments in the field of mathematics education.  The review process itself is not overly cumbersome. Members of the review board are typically given no more than one or two manuscripts to review annually and have four to six weeks to complete each review.

Interested? Please go to and provide information online.  You will need to select CITE-Math as the journal you are willing to review. After you have completed the online form, please send an email to one of the CITE-Math Co-editors, Doug Lapp ( or Todd Edwards (, with responses to the following questions:

  • What are your areas of expertise in mathematics education, technology, and research?
  • What types of articles do you feel particularly able to review?
  • Are there other things that you might tell us that will help us send you the most appropriate articles to review? Include other areas you know well, experiences that might be useful, etc.


Please contact Doug Lapp at for more information.

Call for Readers and Comments

Read an article and post your comments online in response to published articles in CITE-Math.

The CITE Journal has a unique Commentary feature which permits readers to author short responses to published articles. This feature takes advantage of an interactive medium, which is designed to encourage ongoing, peer-reviewed dialog. Readers are encouraged to provide scholarly responses to a published article using an online commentary strand linked to the article. Comments will be peer reviewed prior to publication.

Bonus Journal Features

The journal’s online medium also allows and encourages authors to demonstrate the technologies about which they are writing, including video and audio segments, animation, virtual reality, web links, and simulations.

CITE Journal Sponsors

The CITE Journal is a peer-reviewed online journal, established by these five professional associations:

▪   AMTE – Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators

▪   ASTE – Association of Science Teacher Educators

▪   CEE – Conference on English Education of the National Council of Teachers of English

▪   NCSS-CUFA – College and University Faculty Assembly of the National Council for the Social Studies

▪   SITE – Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education