Support for AMTE Apps

Download the Conference App

 (or search "AMTE" in the Play Store or the AppStore)

Conference App Login Credentials

Username: your email address
Password:   AMTE2014

Help Desk at the Conference

Located near the conference registration desk.

Help Desk Hours

  • Wednesday, Feb 5: 4 – 7 PM
  • Thursday, Feb 6: 7 AM – 4:30 PM
  • Friday, Feb 7: 7 – 11 AM

We Are Here To Assist You With

  • Using the newly redesigned conference app
    • Find speakers, sessions, and other information
    • Engage participants of your sessions through the app
  • Using social media (Facebook and Twitter) to promote and share the meaningful work of AMTE members
    • Use hashtags (#) to create and contribute to themes and topics discussed at the conference. #AMTE2014

Wifi Access during the Conference

Network SSID: Hotel Irvine Meeting
Open a browser, and log-in using the following:

Group Name:       amte2014
Password:            irvine