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Spring 1997

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Volume 5, Number 3

President's Message

Nadine Bezuk

Greetings! This is a time of great possibilities and opportunities for AMTE. More and more, we are being recognized as THE organization that represents mathematics teacher educators, and we are being invited to participate in important discussions. For example, two AMTE members represented AMTE at the Algebra Symposium held in late May in Washington, DC, sponsored by NCTM and NSF. We have been invited to participate in the Leadership Conference organized by the Benjamin Banneker Association in August. We have been asked to provide input to NCTM's Standards 2000 project. In short, AMTE's opportunities for input are growing.

In the upcoming years, AMTE will continue to expand our services to members. We will hold our Second Annual Conference in January, 1998, at Cal Poly Pomona&emdash;please see the announcement and call for proposals elsewhere in this issue. I hope many of you submit proposals and/or plan to attend this conference. Our First Conference was a great success, and I'm looking forward to our Second Conference.

But in order to continue to expand our services to members, we need to increase the involvement of members on AMTE committees. Elsewhere in this issue you will find a description of the several new committees the AMTE Board has established to help accomplish this expansion. These committees are crucial to continuing AMTE's growth. I hope you will consider sharing your expertise by nominating yourself or a colleague to serve on an AMTE Committee.

I look forward to serving as President of AMTE for the next two years. Please share your ideas and suggestions with me.


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