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Winter 1997

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Volume 5, Number 1

President's Message

Judith E. Jacobs
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

The role mathematics teacher educators can play in changing how mathematics teachers are prepared is being examined by many different groups. The Mathematical Sciences Education Board convened a meeting at the MAA-AMS Conference in January in San Diego. The purpose of the meeting was to design a process for developing a coherent and cohesive approach to the many issues that impact the preparation of K-12 mathematics teachers. Those invited to the meeting represent the key professional groups that already have programs established that are designed to make a difference.

NSF, as part of its review of undergraduate education, is exploring these issues. The NSF Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation will provide a source of information on successful changes in mathematics teacher preparation programs. Exxon has sponsored a conference on mathematics teacher education that was co-organized by NCTM and AMTE. AMTE members will be receiving a copy of the proceedings of that conference in the spring.

All these efforts benefit from the participation of AMTE as an organization as well as that of its members. If we are to continue to make a difference we need greater involvement from you. There are many ways you can support AMTE's efforts. One is through the active use of AMTE's listserv as a means of discussing the issues we face in doing our jobs. Another is for you to share your thoughts and ideas through this newsletter. We all need to make others aware of the importance of our input. We need to have sessions on mathematics teacher education not only at NCTM meetings and those of its affiliates. We need sessions at meetings of other organizations such as the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE), the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD), or meetings of school board associations, teachers unions, and parent organizations. We need more sessions at MAA and AMS meetings. We can only sponsor these meetings if we have individuals who are willing to make these presentations. Next time you are invited to do a presentation at a professional meeting, consider doing one on mathematics teacher education. Join with a colleague whose primary field is not related to mathematics and give a presentation at other professional association meetings that are being held near to you.

AMTE's first annual conference is being held in February. The program is extensive and varied. Here is a chance for you to join with other mathematics teacher educators to discuss ideas that are central to our work and to learn what others are doing to make a change. Another way that you can help AMTE make a difference is to run for office. Serving on the Board of Directors will enable you to determine what AMTE does and how it does it. We need your support and help.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you in February and/or April at the NCTM conference.

Next AMTE News deadline: May 15, 1997.
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