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Spring 1996

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Volume 4, Number 2

President's Message

Judith E. Jacobs
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

As the result of the Exxon Conference's recommendations and the AMTE meetings in San Diego, AMTE will be actively involved in supporting conference presentations related to mathematics teacher education. In addition to our individual members' presentations, we, as an organization, will be represented at various conferences.

The First Annual AMTE Conference on Mathematics Teacher Education will be held February 14-15, 1997 in Washington DC. A call for proposals is available on our web site and featured in this newsletter. In addition, there will be a two day Conference Within A Conference at the San Jose NCTM Meeting March 5-8, 1997. The call for proposals for this meeting also is available both on our web site and in this issue of AMTE News. Those of you who are attending the Baltimore meeting, October 10-12, 1996 are invited to attend an open forum as well.

There has been considerable discussion regarding the need and desirability of having a journal dedicated to mathematics teacher education. An AMTE committee is being formed to specifically address this important issue. The members will explore all possibilities for such a journal and make a recommendation to the Board and the membership by the next annual meeting.

As you can see, AMTE and its members have been busy. We need your help to continue our current level of activity and grow even further in the coming year. Please let any of the Board members know if you are interested in helping us.

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