Survey of Mathematics Educators

We are conducting a survey to gather information about what technology-related instructional changes made during the onset of COVID-19 have persisted for mathematics teacher educators (MTEs) and why have these changes persisted. This survey specifically addresses MTEs’ classes that support mathematics teacher initial preparation–elementary, middle, and secondary–for undergraduate and/or graduate students. Such classes include required courses with a mathematics focus for preservice and in-service intervention specialists and elementary, middle, and/or secondary teachers.

There are three demographics questions followed by three short-answer questions and two response questions, although participants may repeat the later five questions if they would like to share more information.

Participants will be offered the opportunity to enter a drawing for one of 15 $15 gift cards if the survey is completed by December 23, 2022.

We will greatly appreciate the effort and time of MTEs who are willing to complete the survey!

Kind Regards,
Shannon Driskell, University of Dayton
Steve Rhine, Pacific University
Ann Wheeler, Texas Woman's University