AMTE Executive Director Position

Applications Sought for AMTE Executive Director


The AMTE Board of Directors is seeking applications for the Executive Director of AMTE.  With an annual membership of approximately 1100, AMTE is the largest professional organization dedicated to mathematics teacher education.  The role of Executive Director is a critical leadership position, responsible for leading the day-to-day operations and supporting the long-term planning of the organization.  

The AMTE Board of Directors would like to identify the next Executive Director early in 2023 so that the incoming candidate can shadow the current Executive Director and begin assuming duties of the role. The new Executive Director will assume full responsibilities no later than at the conclusion of AMTE’s Annual Conference in 2024.

Please review the job description. The position comes with a support package that is negotiable and includes but may not be limited to a stipend, course release(s), hourly student worker salary support, and administrative salary support. Support from a candidate’s institution/organization is also necessary and may take a variety of forms (e.g., release from some current responsibilities, staff support, space, equipment). Candidates are encouraged to discuss their interest in the position with their supervisor(s). 

Candidates for the Executive Director position must be AMTE members in good standing and have a record of contributing to the organization. If you are interested in being considered for this position, prepare a request for consideration that includes:  

  • Name; professional affiliation; position; contact information; 
  • Statement (no more than one page) summarizing interest and qualifications for the position;
  • Summary of possible support from home institution/organization (finalists for the position will be asked to submit a formal letter of support from supervisor);
  • Curriculum vita.

The Search Committee may request additional information and will interview finalists virtually. 

Feel free to contact the current Executive Director Shari Stockero ( or AMTE President Megan Burton ( if you have questions or would like to discuss this position.

Send application materials to Megan Burton at .

Review of materials will begin on February 28, 2023.



AMTE Executive Director

Job Description

Statement from AMTE Constitution and By-laws:

The Executive Director of AMTE shall be an appointed member of AMTE who shall maintain the headquarters of the Association and conduct other duties assigned by the President. The Executive Director shall maintain a current and accurate membership list, monitor and update the website and online management system, including conference registration, elections, and membership renewals using the online system. The Executive Director shall serve as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board of Directors. 

Appointment: The Executive Director is appointed by the President, based on discussion and approval from the Board of Directors.

Term:     The Executive Director serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Board of Directors for a four-year term of service, with the possibility of renewal.

Succession: In the year prior to succession, the President, with the approval of the Board, will appoint an Executive Director Designee to shadow the current Executive Director in order to become acclimated to the responsibilities and workflow of the office prior to matriculation

Support and assistance:

  • Annual stipend (currently $12,000)
  • Course release(s) and/or student worker/grader support
  • Annual support to AMTE Headquarters institution for travel, supplies and other support necessary to run the headquarters
  • Membership and AMTE Annual Conference Registration paid by AMTE 
  • Lodging, meals, and travel to AMTE Annual Conference paid by AMTE

Participation in AMTE Board Meetings:

  • Monthly Board Meetings:  The AMTE Board of Directors meets monthly via online meeting systems.
  • Face-to-face Meetings: Two larger board meetings are held face-to-face annually:
  • The full day before the AMTE Annual Conference (January or February) 
  • A two–day full board retreat held in the fall, usually at the headquarters.   

Areas of Responsibility:

The overall responsibility of the Executive Director is to be the public face of AMTE, as well as the legal and fiscal agent of the organization, supporting the work of AMTE members and leaders in meeting the mission and goals of AMTE.

  • Organizational Leadership and Board Support
    • Work regularly and closely with the President and President-Elect/Immediate Past President to lead organizational operations 
    • Help plan and lead monthly board meetings 
    • Assist in the transition involved with board members assuming office
    • Produce an Annual Report of the organization, available in an online pdf for the membership
  • Maintain day-to-day AMTE operations
    • Establish and maintain AMTE Headquarters at the host institution
    • Serve as the legal and fiscal agent of the organization
    • Represent AMTE with external stakeholders and organizations
    • Maintain all relevant AMTE files and archives
    • Maintain legal documentation, including incorporation, insurance coverage, and logo trademark status
    • Work with the AMTE Treasurer and the AMTE Financial Services Manager to monitor finances regularly
  • Division, Committee and Task Force Support
    • Work with the vice presidents to support the work of each division of the organization
    • Supervise the work of the Headquarters Division
    • Serve as Board Liaison to the Constitution & By-Laws Committee 
    • Serve as a member of the standing Finance Committee
    • Support the work of all committees and task forces as needed
  • Other duties as mutually agreed upon by the AMTE Board of Directors and the Executive Director

While the above summarizes the breadth of the responsibilities of the AMTE Executive Director, on the next page are listed some regular activities and typical tasks that help support each of the individual divisions of the organization.

Some Regular Activities of the Executive Director:

  • Membership Division Support
    • Receive, respond to, and route requests for assistance from AMTE members
    • Work with the Awards Committee to communicate about deadlines and decisions
  • Professional Learning Division Support
    • Work with the AVP for Professional Development to advertise and deliver regularly scheduled webinars and other online offerings
    • Work with the AVP for Conferences, AVP for Conference Program and Local Arrangements to provide conference support to plan and deliver the annual meeting
    • Work with the AVP for STaR Program to plan the annual STaR Institute, including lodging and meals
  • Publications Division Support
    • Work with the division to publicize the quarterly publication (newsletter) and journals (CITE-Math, MTE)
    • Support the Publications VP with additional publications (e.g., Professional Book Series), including negotiating publishing agreements and legal contracts
    • Support the work of the MTE Editorial Panel by planning the annual editorial board retreat
  • Advocacy, Equity and Research Division Support
    • Work with the division to support and communicate their initiatives and issues related to advocacy and equity
    • Work with the Research Committee to communicate about the dissertation award application.
  • Communications and Outreach Division Support
    • Work with the AVP for Communication to monitor the development and maintenance of AMTE online presence
    • Work with the AVP for Sponsorship to execute sponsorship, exhibit, and advertising agreements
    • Work with the AVP for STaR Fundraising and the AMTE Treasurer to receive and track donations
  • Headquarters Division Support
    • Work with the Nominations & Elections Committee to prepare and deliver the annual AMTE elections
    • Work with the Constitution & By-Laws Committee to monitor those documents and recommend any changes
    • Work with the Finance Committee to monitor the fiscal health of the organization and prepare an annual budget


Job Description Updated 11/11/2022